Amazing. I'm completely fascinated by the world of business as it relates to entertainment, and I have to say that what I tell you guys about is an extremely smart business move on the part of GMA7.

So the remake of Marimar is doing extremely well on GMA7 getting top ratings every night with an average 40% ratings ranking it #1 week after week since it's debut last month, and ABS-CBN just recently announced it's plans to replicate that success with Angel Locsin as Rosalinda, another one of Thalia's blockbuster telenovelas that made it big in the Philippines.

Well, GMA7 seeing the success of what is probably now the newest trend in Philippine television: to remake Thalia's telenovelas, was smart and seized the opportunity and contacted Televisa to purchase the rights to remake Rosalinda. It was inked in pen, the deal was closed, and also the opportunity for ABS-CBN to cash in on what would've been a grand cash cow, now belongs to GMA.

If you guys remember, Rosalinda was and continues to be the highest rated television show in history on Filipino television with a 70% ratings. No show since has ever been able to beat those ratings, with the exception of Manny Pacquio's fight, but that doesn't count since it's not a scripted television show.

Thalia and Fernando Carrillo visited the Philippines during that time, the effect of which millions of Filipinos lined up the streets just to see their television heroes.


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